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For everyone who have been working in the garment industry, the applications and gadgets packages of Gerber software are not at all strange. Along with French’s Lectra, US’s Gerber are the two leading companies in applying technology and engineering into production process and industrializing the fashion industry.

GERBER ACCUMARK V 8.3 – V 8.4 – V8.5


This is a software with new features such as automatically updating seams sizing, its detail list with images of every detail help the user to avoid confusing, it can directly open samples from other systems such as Lectra, investronia, assys, dxf. Besides, it has been added the feature of automatically design and other perfectly improved features.

GERBER ACCUnest V8.3.0.262 – V8.3.1.446

This is a marker planning software with extremely high performance and hardly compared with any other software. The automatic mode of marker planning within 10 minutes is not always a possible mission even for experienced worker who works within 2 hours. Particularly, it can create a list of marker planning in a certain period of time.

GERBER VSTICHER V4.3 – V4.1 – V3.5 – V3.0.2 – Thiết kế 3D


This is truly the climax of 3D technology in the fashion design industry.

  • We can create ourselves a lifelike 3D model (from skin, hairstyle, face shape, short or tall, puffed up or humpbacked, fat or thin, old or young, etc.) and apply the 2D design on the mannequin to see how fit it is.
  • Particularly, the real fabric sample shall be scanned into the software and apply on the thin sample, use the stitches command for sewing final product to apply on model.
  • • Directly read 2D file from Adove Illutrator to apply on the mannequin.


This is the supportive software for Vsticher

Download Gerber 8.3

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