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Gemini software item includes

Smart system for pattern input using Gemini Photo Digitizer software and an associated hardware

Gemini Photo Digitizer is a software for digitizing sample pattern associated with a hardware, pattern snapshot board, called sample pattern digitizing system. This is currently an extremely unique solution for sample pattern digitizing! Just within several minutes, you can absolutely digitizing your real sample pattern into computer for adjusting, sizing, sending to your customers, exporting to plotter or cutter…


Unlike other normal designing methods or using digitizing board, sample shooting digitizing system is the combination of digital camera and the smart photos digitizing software Gemini Photo Digitizer, just within a few second, you can get a rough sample file with less than 0.7mm difference after finishing sample pattern digitizing process.

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The database is compatible with most of other CAD systems: Gemini’s original type of file (*.gem), Gerber (*.tmp), Lectra (*.iba), Investronica (*.exp), Assyst (*.zip) and standard DXF for other CAD systems such as: AGMS, FK, TetraCAD, Optitex, WearCAD, Konsan, Tukatech, PolyPattern, Reachpeace, PAD, Novocut, Vertigraph, StyleCAD, Consult, Astor, Julivi, Moda and many other software.

Moreover, unlike other application Scanner programs for other CAD systems with high cost of investment, digitizing system of sample shooting is a completely simple and effective device for production applying at the lowest cost.

Fastest solution for designing and sizing, using Gemini Pattern Editor software

Gemini Pattern Editor is a supportive tool for sample pattern designing, sizing, adjusting, testing & making technical document. The supportive tools of this software is pretty are quite diverse and easy to apply. Besides, the layout is pretty simply presented for not taking user too much time to learn and use.
The software provides powerful tools for pattern designing, sizing and measuring. It is easy for the users to digitize their sample pattern (associating with sample inputting board).


Gemini Pattern Editor is advanced thanks to its feature to excellently read pattern files from many software such as Gerber, Lectra, etc. and DXF (*) format sent by the customers. The pattern file is being retained its original properties and less bugs. Gemini Pattern Editor can even read seriously corrupted files which are unreadable for other software.

Efficiency marker planning automatic digital system

Gemini Nest Expert is a supportive tool for marker planning & automatically plan marker. This is the most effective tool for manufacturing with shortest time and highest performance! The supportive tools of this software is pretty diverse and easy to use. Moreover, its integration feature of planning hundreds of markers overnight give users flexibility and initiative when the manufacturing demands increase. The layout is simply and understandably presented.


Gemini Nest Expert can automatically do marker planning for sample files of Gerber Accumark (Order), Lectra Diamino (*.PLX), Assyst (*.LAY), Investronica (*.EXP), etc., exporting data to Lectra, Gerber plotters, printers, cutters, etc. or any other CAD system. Besides, Gemini Nest Expert even convince its users by special features which are not every software can do.

  • Marker planning feature on striped, plaid, floral, spandex fabrics.
  • Detailed group/team marker planning feature for floral, patterned fabrics or spreading color fabrics by the length or the size of fabric (most of other software can’t do this)
  • Fault emulating feature on fabric to do marker planning for faulty fabric (point, line or polygon).

Compatible with every CAM system such as marker printer, pattern cutter, automatic cutter, etc.

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