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Sample making

Vietnam’s garment industry is now strongly growing, along with such a development, it is required that businesses have to synchronously broaden both their equipments and humans. However, not every business can afford that, especially the human resource with high professional experience. That’s why MYONE Fashion’s services of making premium and professional samples has been launched, in order to support businesses to develop garment samples, providing product value for those businesses in their domestic or foreign markets.

We are specialized in:

  • Making samples for men and women’s shirts
  • Making samples for men and women’s t-shirt and polo shirt
  • Making samples for men and women’s trousers
  • Making samples for men and women’s shorts
  • Making samples for men and women’s skirts, dresses, gowns
  • Making samples for men and women’s suits
  • Making samples for men and women’s jackets, cloaks
  • Making samples for kids clothes
  • Making samples for uniforms of every sectors.

Sample making methods

  • Making samples follows specifications
  • Making samples follows customer’s pattern
  • Making samples follows catalogue or photo
  • Making samples follows customer’s sample
  • Making samples follows customer’s idea or hand-panted image.

We are proud with our samples-makers who are technical staffs with high qualifications with over 10 years of experience in the garments field, and our team of professional designers, quality managers with over 15 years experienced; modern equipments and production chain in the field of premium fashion garments that have been exported to Europe, Japan, US.

We commit to provide beautiful and exquisite samples, absolutely ensure about quality and technique…
MYONE fashion is confident to provide our clients’ satisfaction right at the first sample.

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