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Garment Processing

Myone Fashion Co., ltd is an manufacture who specialize in producing and processing the export fashionable orders include: vest, trousers, shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets, children’s clothing …

We do full package for exports FOB or CMPT orders, whatever we do on behalf of customer in sourcing of fabrics and accessories or nominated by the customer. Myone has business relationships closely with many retailers and importers in domestic and oversea, therefore we can make variety of garment with all kind of quantity.

With advantage of the top sample development centers in Vietnam who have been developed samples for major fashion company in the world such as Tesco, Primark, Target, Dunnes, New Look, Zara … we understand clearly technical process to make a high quality product,. Not only in its role as a professional development model, offering the optimal solution for industrial manufacturing specifications, Myone also a skilled mechanic, many years of experience in the garment sector. Skilled staff, 80% of workers over 10 years of rugged hand, 20% have at least 5 years work experience. We are confident to create high quality products, absolute beauty and meet the requirements and regulations for export to demanding markets such as Europe, Japan.

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Spacious factory with about 800 workers, invested in 1000 modern specialized machinery, always timely updated rapidly advanced science and technology to improve the manufacturing processes most effectively.

With operational criteria : respected reputation, quality in in top, Myone products are produced through strict inspection rules and procedures have been established already. All the stages of the production process is controlled by a system of internal quality checks closely linked between each department, and carefully moderated when shipped by experienced staff. So these products are absolutely guaranteed to meet customers demand.

In recent 2 years, with strong invested to factories, machinery and manpower to expand the manufacturing field to processing garments for export, Myone has gradually creating export value from 40.000 to 50.000 pieces of garment /month. This is an important step for us in affirming the brand and expand the market in the near future.