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Marker digitizing

The number of your company’s patterns is continuously increasing, they take you too much space to store those pattern sets,

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Order tracking

In order to support small businesses, garment exporters, foreign firms in Vietnam, fashion designers, etc. in managing product quality, Myone

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Marker printing

Software for supporting pattern designing, sizing and marker planning have becoming quite popular and being equipped by most of tailors.

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Sample making

Vietnam’s garment industry is now strongly growing, along with such a development, it is required that businesses have to synchronously

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Pattern design

  You already own designs from catalogues and photos of your expecting items but are insufficient to perform due to

thiết kế rập


MYONE Fashion Single Member Co., Ltd. specializes in providing services in garment industry from pattern designing to sample making, sizing, marker planning, fabric calculating, marker printing, marker digitizing and order tracking that include: searching for manufacturers, production planning, quality supervising and examining, delivering.
As the first and leading supplier for garment services in Vietnam, MYONE has been supplying services as well as contributing our great ideas to develop designs for the worldwide big famous fashion brands such as: Just Jamie, Zara, Espirit, Uniqlo, Mark Spencer, H&M, Target, Gossip, Tesco, etc. in Vietnam.
We are confident to offer standardize and beautiful designs, professional services, ensuring to meet every strict demands about quality of our domestic and oversea customers.